The General Assembly of Shareholders is the senior management body of UTair Aviation JSC. Decisions made at the General Assembly of Shareholders are considered binding for other management bodies and UTair executives.

The Board of Directors of UTair Aviation JSC is a permanent elected collegial management body formed to execute the overall strategic management of the Company’s operations, excepting issues regulated by the General Assembly of Shareholders according to federal legislation and the company charter. Seven members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly of Shareholders.

A collegial body (Executive Board) and the single-person executive body (Chief Executive Officer) manage the day-today activity of UTair Aviation JSC.

The main functions of the UTair Aviation Executive Board are operational management and administration of the Company’s day-to-day activity as defined by the company’s charter.

The Chief Executive Officer oversees all issues according to the Federal law “On Joint-Stock Companies” except those issues falling under the competence of the General Assembly of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

The Audit Commission is a permanent elected body that executes control over the Company’s financial and business operations and its management bodies. Three members of the Audit Commission are elected by the General Assembly of Shareholders.

The Audit Commission’s operating procedures are governed by the Regulations On the Audit Commission of UTair Aviation JSC.