Requirements to passengers for traveling to Azerbaijan

Citizens of the Russian Federation

Citizens of Russia do not need visa to travel to Azerbaijan, they enter the territory of Azerbaijan with a foreign passport only.
Medical insurance is not required, but we recommend to have it during  a travel to Azerbaijan.

CIS citizens and foreign citizens

CIS citizens and foreign citizens must have visa and an original invitation (business invitation or tourist voucher from an Azerbaijani operator) to travel to Azerbaijan.
A foreign passport must expiry at least 3 months after the supposed return from the country.

Non-compliance with the said requirements may cause prohibition to a passenger to enter the territory of Azerbaijan.

Please see more detailed information at the official web-site of the Embassy of Azerbaijan

Dear passengers!

Please note that the information published in this section is for reference purposes. When preparing for a trip abroad, specify additional information on the visa requirements for entry into the territory of a foreign state in the embassies and bodies of migration control.