Requirements to citizens of the Russian Federation to obtain visa to travel to Germany

Standard passport and visa are required.

A passenger is recommended to have:

  1. Sufficient amount of money;
  2. Two-way tickets or a ticket to the next destination point (transit ticket) an/or other documents required for the next destination point.

Minor children of over 15 years old may be inserted in a passport of parents/tutor only if:

  • it is of the same nationality that the parent/tutor;
  • travels with parents/tutor;
  • if a child is of 10 years old or older, a photo must be sticked in the passport.

Minor children of 16 years old or older must have a passport or other identity document (minors do not need to have a residence permit).

Attention! Border control authorities of Germany notify of material increase in the number pf passengers traveling arriving of airports of Germany with passports without signature of passport holders. Passport without signatures of holders will not be considered valid transportation documents and the passenger will be deemed unacceptable.

Please see more detailed information at the official web-site of the Embassy of Germany

Dear passengers!

Please note that the information published in this section is for reference purposes. When preparing for a trip abroad, specify additional information on the visa requirements for entry into the territory of a foreign state in the embassies and bodies of migration control.