Requirements to citizens of the Russian Federation to obtain visa to travel to Israel (recommendations of the Embassy).

All citizens of the Russian Federation, including minors, holding usual foreign passport may without obtaining of visas travel to Israel and back for one occasion, for several occasions, transit and stay in Israel without visa for 90 days during 180 days.

Obligatory requirement: on the date of entry into Israel it should be at least 6 months before expiry of the passport.

It is desirable to have:

  • air ticket with dates of entry and departure;
  • medical insurance policy for provision of services abroad;
  • hotel reservation confirmation (if the travel purpose is tourism);
  • letter from a medical institution (if the travel purpose is medical cure);
  • documents confirming solvency;
  • for visit to Israeli friends, relatives or organizations, an invitation received in original, by fax or e-mail.

Foreign citizens that previously worked in Israel under an employment visa (B1) and did not violated laws, may visit the country for tourism purposes without obtaining of visa in at least 1 year after the stay outside Israel.

If citizens of Russia travel to Israel with diplomatic or official foreign passports, visas are still required.

In addition, it is still required to obtain visas of the following categories:

А2-for travels of students to study in Israeli higher educational institutions;

А3- for representatives of religious confessions traveling for services in accordance with invitations of religious institutions located on the Holy Land;

Б1- for travels with a right of employment or business in Israel;

Б4- for travels of volunteers (voluntary unpaid work in monasteries, etc.).

Please see more detailed information at the official web-site of the Embassy of Israel

Dear passengers!

Please note that the information published in this section is for reference purposes. When preparing for a trip abroad, specify additional information on the visa requirements for entry into the territory of a foreign state in the embassies and bodies of migration control.