Online service


We try to keep up with the times and do our best for your comfort .
Save your time by using online services UTair!
Manage your purchases in advance and go through formal procedures, which are waiting for passengers at the airport .


• flight schedule;
• online selection of easy route;
• reservation of tickets and payment by bank cards Visa, EuroCard / MasterCard, JCB;
• advance booking of air tickets and deferred payment orders at ATMs Gazprombank, in the salons of communication "Euroset" and "Svaznoy";
• the ability to pay tickets for family and friends;
• online payment for tickets of legal entities;
• registration in the program frequent flyer - STATUS;
• execution of an award ticket, check their account in the program STATUS (if you are a member of the Program) and clarification of the cost of the ticket in miles;
• an independent online check-in;
• reservation and payment seats with extra legroom or in the first row of economy class aircraft cabin at check-in;
• reservation of additional services: car rental, hotel reservations, registration of insurance;
• receive information about the flight status via the online service board;
• obtain relevant information about the flight via SMS (on the website this service is free of charge, to the mobile version of the service is provided free of charge, the cost is equal to the price of SMS of your service plan);
• self-cancel online check-in;
• check "My Account" to store data on flights and quick access to their orders;
• online ticket exchange and refund;
• subscription to the newsletter and attractive special offers;

Mobile app

• reservation of tickets;
• geolocation to book chapters and reference flight;
• payment of booked tickets through mobile applications and value-added services by credit card;
• check-in;
• choice of comfortable seats in the cabin during the registration;
• receiving and sending e-mail to print boarding passes;
• landing and storage card status Passbook;
• cancellation of registration;
• query the current status of any flight;
• a phone call to the Contact Center;
• Review Office Address ticket sales;
• purchase tickets on the train "Aeroexpress";
• execution of the policy of optional insurance.

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Mobile version of the site

Mobile version automatically opens when visiting the site from a smartphone (

In a simplified version of your website available services:
• Bookings and ticket purchase;
• Access to your personal cabinet;
• Online check-in with a choice of location;
• Online display of departures / arrivals to-date information on the status of your flight;
• Contact Information.