Delays and cancellations

Schedule changed
Utair will send you a text message to notify you about a schedule change. Please provide your current phone number when purchasing a ticket, so as not to miss a notification.
If you agree with the altered flight time, do nothing. Just come to the airport at the newly indicated departure time and enjoy your flight.
Exchange and refund. If you disagree with the altered departure time, you can exchange your ticket for another flight or get a refund.
You purchased your ticket on the Utair website

Log in to online Member Area at to return your ticket.

If you are unable to exchange a ticket yourself, contact the Utair contact center.

Utair will exchange a ticket for another flight (up to 3 days from the departure date) free of charge, or issue a refund.

You purchased your ticket on another website or at an air ticket office

If you have already checked in, please cancel your check-in at the check-in desk or via Utair contact center..

To exchange a ticket, contact the ticket seller. A commission may be charged.

Flight delayed at the airport
If your flight is delayed, follow the information on the board and PA announcements. Don’t stray too far from departure gate.
What will the airport employees do?
What will the airport employees do?

2 to 4 hours

Provide beverages.

4 to 6 hours

Provide hot meals and beverages.

More than 8 hours during the day and 6 hours at night

Provide hotel accommodation, meals and water. The airline covers transportation to and from the hotel.

A transfer flight was delayed
You purchased the ticket for your entire itinerary on Utair website

Go to Transfer counter. An airline representative will tell you what to do next.

If you are unable to contact a representative, contact Utair support service.

You have a transfer to a flight by another airline

If you are late for a flight due to a Utair delay, ask a representative of the other airline about ticket exchange.

Purchase a single ticket on Utair website to avoid potential problems connected with flight delay.
Exchange and return. If you disagree with the delay, you can exchange your ticket for another Utair flight or return it.
What you need to do:
  1. Make sure you have your itinerary receipt printout handy. It comes with an e-ticket and
    looks as follows:

  2. Take your itinerary receipt to the airport information desk and have it stamped for a delay or cancellation of the flight. Do so right away as it cannot be stamped after the fact.
  3. Go to any active check-in desk and have yourself removed from flight check-in. The airport staff will bring out your baggage.
  4. Contact the ticket seller. Provide the stamped itinerary receipt and receive the refund.
If you purchased your ticket on the Utair website, contact our airline. We will exchange the ticket or refund its value without commissions.