Service «Choose Comfort» - when you need an extra legroom. 

Schemes of aircraft which is available for the Service:

Boeing 767-200 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-400 Boeing 737-500

  The cost on domestic flights        komfort2016.png
 1500 RUB
  The cost on international flights
 20 EURO

The terms of service:
- The cost of service is given for one-way flight. Places are limited;
- Depending on technical features of different aircraft types the terms of service may vary;
- Reseating of a passenger during a flight from an enhanced-comfort seat to another seat (not within the  comfort category) for the flight safety purposes;
- One of the services is provided free of charge to the owner of a valid STATUS GOLD (VIP) card or STATUS SILVER (Premium) card on each flight segment.

Due to the fact that most enhanced-comfort seats are located in emergency exit aisles, for the sake of flight safety, the service cannot be provided to the following passenger categories:
- Passengers with a disability, passengers suffering from an illness (DEAF, BLND, WCHC, WCHR, WCHS, STCR, OXYG, MEDA, DPNA, LEGL, LEGR, LEGB).
- Passengers with carry-on baggage (CBBG).
- Employees of the Courier Service and the Special Communications Service (COUR).
- Passengers carrying pets in the cabin (PETC).
- Inadmissible passengers/deportees (INAD, DEPA, DEPU).
- Passengers carried under guard.
- Pregnant women.
- Passengers below 18 years of age, including children and unaccompanied children.
- Passengers with child from 2 -18 y.o.
- Passengers not speaking either Russian or English.

If Passengers of these categories purchase the Service (seats next to the emergency exits) in the aircraft cabin, their seats will be changed without refund.

Refund of the service fee is made in the following cases:
- unforeseen change of aircraft type and impossibility to provide the service;
- unforeseen cancellation of flight and impossibility to provide the  service;
- reseating of a passenger during a flight from an seat with additional legroom to another seat (not with additional legroom ) for the flight safety purposes.

Сhange seat after payment is not allowed. In case of cancellation of the carriage the Service shall not be formalized again. If the Passenger has voluntarily cancelled the air carriage, no amounts from the sum paid for the Service shall be refunded.

For more detailed information please go to the check-in desk at the departure airport.