Children and Infants

Children and infants under two years

Children under 12 travelling with a passenger are transported with a twenty-five percent discount off the standard or special rate, if special conditions for application of special rate are absent. Such children have a separate seat and they are entitled to free baggage allowance according to the established rules.  

For your comfortable flight, you can take all necessary things and items  to take care of your child. You can also take infant's food that is necessary during the flight. See the list of items allowed for carriage as carry-on baggage.

Important! You can only use a baby stroller up to boarding. After that it must be handed over for storage in the hold.
Before you hand over a baby stroller for carriage in the hold, please make sure that it stays clean and undamaged, fold it and wrap it in overwrap or use a special cover. 
When you arrive at your first landing destination, please request a Flight Attendant to get back your stroller.

One adult may take one child under 2 years without a separate seat for free on domestic flights, or for 10% of the regular or special fare on international flights, unless otherwise provided by special fare conditions. Other children under two years travelling with the same adult will be charged 75% of the fare. A passenger may prefer to book a separate seat for the child at 75% of the adult fare (unless otherwise provided by special fare conditions).

Passengers travelling with children under 5 years from Terminal A at Vnukovo Airport, can be provided with a free baby stroller service. If you drop off your own stroller at check-in desk, you may use a free baby stroller at Terminal A while waiting for the departure. At boarding you must hand the stroller over to the Airline representative.

Children between 2 and 12 years of age

Carriage of children without escort

In exceptional cases, children aged from 5 to 12 travelling without parents (foster parents) or one of the passengers (who reached 18) can be carried without escort if there is a request from parents, foster parents and provided there is a consent from the Carrier.  

Children without escort can be carried only by direct non-stop flights.

Children without escort can travel by air in the following cases:

- if there is an advance consent of the Airline to carry a child without escort;
- if there is a confirmation of booking a flight;
- accompanying persons stay with a child at the airport until boarding;
- a child will be met at the destination airport;
- child’s trip is paid in accordance with the applicable rules and rates.

Children without escort can travel by air only after their parents, foster parents or relatives complete and sign the Notice on special care and Declaration of parents/foster parents.

For flight security reasons, passengers with children cannot be seated near emergency exits.

Please take note of the international travel rules for underage children:

Article 20 of Federal Law No.114-FZ “On the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation” dated August 15, 1996 (as amended on April 07, 2010) requires that a minor citizen of the Russian Federation shall leave the Russian Federation, as a rule, together with at least one of his/her parents, adopters, trustees or guardians. Where a minor citizen of the Russian Federation leaves the Russian Federation without escort, in addition to the passport he/she should have a notary legalized consent of the indicated persons to exit from the Russian Federation, such consent stating the term of his/her stay outside the Russian Federation and state(s) he/she intends to visit.

In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, a citizen of the Russian Federation cannot be deprived of the right to enter the Russian Federation. Children over 12 years do not need to be accompanied by an adult passenger or a passenger under 18 fully capable in accordance with the Civil Law of the Russian Federation.

In practice travel consent from the other parent for exit from the Russian Federation can be requested by Russian border guards or during border control procedure when entering the country of destination.

We recommend to obtain a notary legalized travel consent of the other parent. It can be issued for a specific trip or for a period covering several trips. Such consent is not required if there is no other parent, which must be evidenced by one of the following documents:

• a Mother’s Book (previously known as the Single Mother’s Book);
• a Death Certificate;
• a Certificate of Deprivation of Parental Rights;
• a Declaration of Waiver of Parental Rights signed by the other parent;
• a court-issued document certifying that the location of the other parent cannot be identified;
• a police-issued document certifying that the other parent is wanted, etc.

A Divorce Certificate cannot be one of such documents.

If a child is travelling with both parents, an International Passport and a Birth Certificate are sufficient if the parents have different surnames.