Requirements to citizens of the Russian Federation to obtain visa to Latvia.

Citizens of Russia and CIS need visa to travel to Latvia.

Visa types:

  •  C Category Visa – short-term Schengen visa issued if the purpose of the travel is tourism, transit, visit to friends or relatives, or short-term business trip.
  •  D Category Visa - national long-term visa issued if the stay in Latvia is supposed to exceed 9- days during six months.

Visa term

The term of one-entry or double-entry visa of C category may be up to 90 days, the term of multi-entry visa – 180 days (the stay in the country may not exceed 90 days during six months). The period of stay in the country is defined in accordance with the term specified in the invitation or hotel reservation confirmation.

In the event of transit, the period of stay is defined depending of provided tickets and hotel reservations. In the event of double-entry or multi-entry visa, the total term of stay during all visits will be specified.

Starting from April 5th, 2010, the term of one-entry visa may include an additional term of 15 days, provided that there is an insurance policy valid during the said term.

If the travel purpose is transit, the term of visa is 72 hours (for double-entry or multi-entry visa – 72 hours per each entry).

Visa may be extended in Latvia only in exceptional events and only with a permit of the Citizenship and Immigration Department of the Ministry for Home Affairs of Latvia.

Тraveling with children

If it is planned to travel with children, for children under 14 years old inserted in a foreign passport of parents a separate visa will be sticked in a passport of one parent. In this event, a photo of the child, irrespectively of its age, must be sticked in the parent’s passport.

If a child is over 14 years old, in any event, it will need its own passport.

It is prohibited to use an invalid passport with valid visas.

Non-compliance with the said requirements may cause prohibition to a passenger to enter the territory of Latvia.

Please see more detailed information at the official web-site of the Embassy of Latvia

Dear passengers!

Please note that the information published in this section is for reference purposes. When preparing for a trip abroad, specify additional information on the visa requirements for entry into the territory of a foreign state in the embassies and bodies of migration control.