Requirements to citizens of the Russian Federation to obtain visa to Lithuania.

To travel to Lithuania, you must have a passport of the Russian Federation (foreign passport) valid during 3 months after the end of requested visa (the validity term of the passport must exceed the term of the requested visa for 3 months).

A passenger (tourist) is recommended to have:

  • two-way tickets or a ticket to the next destination point (transit ticket);
  • all documents required for the next destination point;
  • sufficient amount of money;
  • medical certificate/ tourist insurance guaranteeing the payment of medical aid.

Please see more detailed information at the official web-site of the Embassy of Lithuania 

Dear passengers!

Please note that the information published in this section is for reference purposes. When preparing for a trip abroad, specify additional information on the visa requirements for entry into the territory of a foreign state in the embassies and bodies of migration control.